Donate today and help Re-Elect Kathie Tovo for an experienced and progressive voice at City Hall.

During her service on the City Council, Kathie Tovo has provided a consistently strong voice for taxpayers, neighborhoods, and all of Austin's residents. Kathie believes we must guide development, not just rubberstamp it. We must ensure that growth pays for itself instead of asking taxpayers to subsidize it. And we must protect the quality of life of those who live here, not let out-of-control development or absentee investors bulldoze what we love about Austin. In short, that we need a philosophy at City Hall that puts people first. Kathie Tovo has proven she can face our city's challenges and opportunities head-on with courage, creativity, and compassion. As the District 9 representative, Kathie will continue to stand up strong on issues important to Austin residents, ensuring you have a clear voice at City Hall.