Equal Rights

KATHIE TOVO has a proven record of standing up for equal rights for Austin residents throughout our community, including in the workplace, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, ability, immigration status, or other identities. 

The City of Austin, and our residents, are facing serious attacks by the state and federal governments. With Donald Trump in the White House, Ted Cruz in the Senate, and Greg Abbott in the Governor's Mansion, it is more important than ever that our local elected officials stand up for our values of fair play and equal rights. Kathie has fought for equity – and is proud to be supported by every organization representing communities of color that has endorsed in her race so far.

  • Strengthening the non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies protecting city employees.

  • Requiring companies receiving city incentives to provide workers with living wages and domestic partner benefits.

  • Ensuring that companies across Austin offer workers paid sick leave.

  • Voting to ensure city employees have access to transgender-inclusive health care.

  • Providing immigrant legal aid to ensure our residents have access to legal and counseling services.

  • Create an Equity Assessment Tool for city staff to use to evaluate how city policies and programs impact socio-economic and race-based inequities.

  • Establishing a third-party appeals process to protect against discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.

  • Directing the City Manager to work with the Equity Office to research best practices for hiring executive-level positions in a way that reflects Austin's diversity.

  • Adopting Fair Chance Hiring protections that provide a level playing field for formerly incarcerated individuals during job interviews.

  • Presenting the proclamation recognizing the first gay couple to legally wed in Texas and proclaiming Marriage Equality Week.

  • Repealing inequitable development incentives that had encouraged redevelopment in parts of East Austin.

  • Updating the city's benchmark data on disparities in our community.

Kathie is determined to continue to work with our communities to ensure equal rights for all of our residents and to protect them against state and federal attacks.