Families and Children

KATHIE TOVO has a proven record of taking real action to ensure that, as our community grows, Austin remains a city where families can live and thrive.

Kathie believes that ensuring Austin remains a family-friendly city is critical to our continued success and vitality, from managing our growth in a way that supports our families and public schools, to taking action to address gun issues, to supporting tenant and housing rights, and more – and was named a "Champion for Working Families" by the Workers Defense Project.

  • Standing up for providing family-friendly, multi-bedroom housing when potential projects come before the City Council for consideration.

  • Establishing an "Educational Impact Statement" to ensure the city considers how new projects will affect our public schools when making land use decisions.

  • Even before her Council service, successfully fighting against an effort to close a number of Austin public schools, leading the way to keep our schools open.

  • Establishing a policy stopping the police department from selling guns.

  • Sponsoring an educational campaign on gun safety that offered free gun locks to prevent accidental gun deaths involving children.

  • Ensuring a balanced approach to short-term rentals that allows people to rent out space in their own homes on a limited basis but phases out commercial "mini hotel" and "party house" short-term rentals from residential neighborhoods.

  • Strengthening city rules to restrict where adult businesses can locate, such as strip clubs.

  • Providing key worker protections, such as ensuring that companies across Austin offer workers paid sick leave.

  • Establishing a program to educate people about tenant rights and provide support and representation to them during eviction proceedings.

  • Providing "good cause" eviction protections to residents who live in rent-controlled units and developments that participate in city incentive programs.

  • Establishing an "emergency tenant displacement response plan" to address the needs of tenants who are displaced from their home for safety reasons.

  • Requiring any properties registered in the city's "Repeat Offender Program" for a history of code violations to adopt tenant protections.

Even before running for City Council, Kathie had years of experience advocating for families as a community activist, by serving as president of her local neighborhood association and on boards and task forces, such as the Families and Children Task Force and the school district's Community Committee on Neighborhoods and Schools. As a Council Member, she has worked with the community to make real progress on initiatives that are helping ensure Austin can continue to be a family-friendly city.