KATHIE TOVO has a proven record of success as a progressive leader in Austin. 

Our District 9 communities are facing a number of key challenges. Market-driven development pressures are causing affordability and transportation problems. Climate change is causing more intense droughts that threaten our water supply, interrupted by more extreme storms that cause destructive floods. State and federal officials – like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Greg Abbott – are threatening our residents and our values. And many of our residents, such as those experiencing homelessness, are at risk of being left behind.

As a Council Member, Kathie has worked together with the community to take action on these and many other issues. There are no easy solutions to these challenges. However, by being persistent and building coalitions, Kathie has led the way and made important progress that has improved the lives of residents across District 9 and all of Austin. 

For a list of Kathie's resolutions and ordinances through Spring 2018, click here.